With this small board mounted between your motor encoder and it's mating cable, you can adjust the output duty cycle. LEDs above the encoder's trim potentiometers indicate when the proper duty cycle has been acheived.

For 8", 10", and 12" LX200 "Classic" telescopes.



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Additional Information

This small board plugs on to the encoder board's 6-pin header, sitting atop the board but leaving space for a small screwdiver to reach and turn the potentiometers. There are two small LEDs visually aligned with the potentiometers, changing color depending on the measurement of the encoder output duty cycle. To calibrate the board you simply turn the adjustment in the direction the color of the LED tells you to. If the color is blue, turn clockwise, if yellow, counter-clockwise, until the LED turns green.

To install, you will need to gain access to the encoder board (different procedure for DEC vs. RA), pull off the 6-pin connector, attach the calibration tool to the vacant 6-pin header, then attach the connector to the calibration tool. The tool then sits electrically between the encoder board and the telescope's main board, where it can see and measure the motor board's quadrature output signal. The calibration tool will begin monitoring when the telescope is slewed at the "Find" speed. See the instructions for complete information.


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