About Us

Clearline Technology Corporation has been helping our clients and customers for over 20 years. From our original software products aimed at specialized applications, we've added engineering capabilities to address both hardware design and embedded software applications. We design, engineer, and manufacture our products in southern California.

We ship internationally, and have customers on every continent except Antarctica.

Our Focus

Clearline Technology designs specialized equipment, instruments, and components. We focus on specific areas where we can engineer new capabilities and price points with modern materials, components, and processes, such as our replacement parts for Meade Instruments telescopes.

Though small, we are growing by building our expertise and reaching new markets, and we are very interested in serving your low-volume and custom requirements.

Contact Us

Please email us for product information, order inquiries, or any other questions you may have about our company. We will respond promptly.

Our email address is: info@clearline-tech.com.