LX200 Telescope Parts & Accessories

An improved replacement part for the PC board behind the LX200 Power Panel.
A new replacement partfor the LX200 RA and DEC motor encoder PC boards. Also fits LXD650/LXD750 mounts.
A small device that attaches to the motor encoder to assist in calibrating the output duty cycle.
This device acts as an emulated hand controller during telescope startup, enabling computer control through the RS-232 port. Also for LXD650/LXD750 mounts.
Components and kits for replacing IR devices, capacitors, etc.

Special Pricing on Multiple Part Orders

When ordering 2 Encoder boards, the total price is reduced from $56.00 to $50.00    

When ordering 2 Encoder boards PLUS a Calibration Tool, total price is reduced from $81.00 to $70.00    

For other combinations, please enquire via email.

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