LX200 Telescope Parts & Accessories

Coming Soon! An improved replacement for the LX200 Power Panel PC board.
A new replacement part for the LX200 RA and DEC motor encoder boards. Also fits LXD650/LXD750 mounts.
A board that piggy-backs onto the encoder to provide visual feedback during calibration.
This device plugs into the LX200 Keypad port, emulating the handset's startup (boot) protocol, enabling computer control through the RS-232 port. Also for LXD650/LXD750 mounts.

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Special Pricing

When ordering 2 or more Encoder boards, the price is reduced from $28.00 ea. to $25.00 ea., i.e. $50.00 for two.

When ordering 2 or more Encoder boards PLUS a Calibration Tool, the Calibration Tool price is lowered from $23.00 ea. to $20.00 ea., i.e. $50.00 + $20.00 = $70.00 for all three.

Power Panel, when combined with any other Clearline Technology parts, is discounted by $10.00.

For other combinations, please enquire via email.


For ordering information or other questions, please contact us at info@clearline-tech.com.

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