This is a direct replacement for the original Meade LX10 front panel printed circuit board, with all connectors and RA tracking motor control functionality. It contains all new components and features a new control circuit designed to reduce temperature variation in tracking speed.

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Additional Information

A PDF Product Data Sheet is available here: LX10 Front Panel PCB Data Sheet

The LX10 Main PCB is a direct replacement for the original Meade board, and requires no special tools to install.

The design uses closed-loop control to better maintain a constant drive speed over load variations, time and temperature. It includes a multi-turn potentiometer to trim output voltage to match the telescope's individual motor and drivetrain, and does require adjustment by the user after installation.

Temperature control testing: both boards were tested for voltage drift over a 30 degree ambient temperature variation while driving motor at 25 mA current.

Note that, although the board will work with any voltage higher than 5.3V, powering this board using 4 AA batteries (6V) is not recommended, as the batteries will gradually drain down to below 5.3V.

We are happy to provide more design details upon request.

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