This device, when plugged into the "Keypad" jack, appears to the telescope as the Meade hand controller during initialization. This allows the telescope to complete its start-up process and ready itself for receiving commands over the RS-232 port. It includes a joystick to control direction and movement speed.

For 8", 10", 12" and 16" LX200 "Classic" telescopes, and LXD650/750 mounts with version 3.XX and up software.

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Additional Information

When the LX200 Classic with version 3.xx software starts up, it expects a "handshake" with its hand controller. Without that conversation, the telescope will not complete its start up, and thus cannot be used even by sending commands through the RS-232 port. This device plugs into the Keypad port in place of the hand controller, and completes the start-up handshake so the telescope can respond to control through the RS-232 port (using suitable third-party software).

The emulator is small and fits in one hand easily. It will blink a red LED three times a few seconds after power on, when the start-up handshake has completed successfully. At that point you can control telescope movement using the joystick, while looking through the eyepiece, and via the RS232 port via computer. Clicking down on the joystick will toggle between the two speed ranges. Each range has two speeds. Pushing the joystic all the way will engage the faster of the two speeds in each of the two ranges, so any of the four standard telescope slewing speeds can be used.

A small hatch on the back of the controller hides two small switches for reversing the sense of N/S and E/W, so you can make the joystick directions match your preference.

Please refer to this PDF document for usage instructions: Usage Instructions

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