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On our LX200 Telescope Parts...

Today I received the products I ordered and confirmed that they both work fine. Thanks to your products, I am able to extend the life of my LX200 even further. Boot emulator is also a very unique product and I love it.
-- F.O., Japan, Apr 2021

The Encoder Calibration Tool was marvelous!! It was very satisfying to have a visual indicator as the calibration was taking place.I am very pleased with the boards you sent and the new controller. Thank you
-- Gary, UT USA, Feb 2021

"That calibration tool is great. After 2 DEC boards, HHC, and new [Power Panel Plus], my 10" LX200 Classic is operational. ...Thanks again it is great to use this scope again after 10 years of gathering dust!"
-- Scott, NH USA, July 2020

"Thanks for your service and in general for offering such spare parts replacing the manfacturers support. This relatively small investment saved me from scrapping the telescope mount. On top the calibration tool is really helpful."
-- Alex, Germany, Nov 2019

"Not only do they seem to work great, but they also look good (the purple is a nice touch), are easier to adjust, and it's worth the [price] to be able to solder on a nice clean fresh board, and not have to try to swap out that capacitor on there... I've destroyed one board by overheating it and pulling the solder pad up while trying to get the old capacitor removed! What a pain! Using your boards solves all of that."
-- Mike, Axis Squared LLC, Aug 2019

"I am very pleased with the Power board you supplied to me. It took me less than 10 minutes to fit it. A really nicely made board."
-- Roger, UK, Aug 2019

"...I installed your calibration board and set the encoder pots per your instructions and everything went perfectly. The RA motor now operates smooth and quite as before. No more runaway RA motor! Thank you again."
-- John, NY USA, Apr 2019

"Calibration board worked great. In the past I've tuned the pots by with a digital volt meter to get it close, then fine tune by sound. Using the calibration board is quick and simple. Takes longer to get access to the motors than it does to tune them with the calibration board. Doesn't get much easier than that."
-- Tom, WA USA, Aug 2018

"I received both the replacement motor board and calibration board. Both look well made. I used the calibration board to check the potentiometers and it works very nicely....You have produced a nice product for the LX200 Classic."
-- Ed, NY USA, May 2018

"I highly recommend them [motor encoder boards], even for owners who are not presently experiencing any issues with their existing original boards."
-- Dr. Clay, Arkansas Sky Observatories, Mar 2018

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