Clearline Technology Corporation

Featured Product: LX200 Motor Encoder

This motor encoder is an improved replacement for the circuit boards originally installed on Meade LX200 "Classic" telescopes and LXD650 and LXD750 mounts.


Upgrade & Extend

Extend the lifetime and dependability of your valuable older equipment. Enhance the capabilities of equipment and instruments of all types through upgraded replacment components, or entirely new designs that improve performance along with longevity.

Telescope Products

We design and manufacture components for telescopes including the Meade LX200. Our initial product is a replacement circuit board for the RA and DEC position encoder. It can be used to repair Meade 8", 10", and 12" LX200 "Classic" telescopes, as well as the LXD650 and LXD750 mounts. Our Calibration Tool for the our encoder board can also tune the originally installed boards. More products coming...

Services & Support

Support is critical for small-lot runs and custom engineering. Clearline has been supporting its products and clients for over 10 years. Customized service solutions are available to meet your needs.

We ship internationally.